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I would really like to put together a panel of USMC Chief Warrant Officers (CWOs) and have a dialogue about which routing protocol really is the best for the Marine Corps (EIGRP or OSPF).  Prior to any good and productive dialogue you need a reading list and some background info.  We’ve been formally trained on EIGRP in the schoolhouse via the Cisco Networking Academy and most of us have Routing TCP/IP vol 1 & 2 on the shelf.  Outside of that, here are a couple of other interesting reads we will need:


I chose this article because of the author, which I am sure you will recognize.  Outside of hearing what Jeff Doyle has to say, take a look at the comments.  The comment by Don Savage was particularly enlightening.  Speaking of Don Savage:


I chose this article because it is an excellent article and there is a lot of entertainment in the comments.  They were not nearly as informative as the comments on the previous blog, but it is impressive the amount of flack Don Savage takes and responds very professionally and even answers the pot shots and snark.  Snark leads into the next article:


Greg Ferro, of packet pushers fame, wrote a response to the article previously cited.  I chose this article not based on the content of his responses (which is good), but because it provides a bit of non-Cisco legitimacy (Jeff Doyle is a Cisco Press author, and Don Savage is a Cisco employee).  I would also like to go into detail with the CWOs about the applicability of the last statement Greg makes:

I’m comfortable with OSPF. But only because the future of the network is multivendor – not at the network level but when interoperating with firewalls, mainframes, Linux-based appliances. performing route redistribution just to support EIGRP doesn’t make sense to me.

Specifically, will the Marine Corps ever be comfortable with these devices running a routing protocol?

If anyone out there knows of any other good links for the dialogue, I would love to hear from you.

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